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SMEloan as a mediator and the best platform between financial institutions and their borrowers. We advise and represent clients in loan modifications. Our work and objective is to provide our clients with the extra ordinary solutions to effectively and legally modify their current business conditions.

Loan modification is a complex process that can be made a little simpler with the right advice and professional representation. Let our team formulate an effective plan & negotiate with your lender to secure and protect your interests and negotiate on your behalf.


Our professional and certified Commercial Advisor Managers which supported by our panel of specialists to provide expert advice needed in contract basis to grow your business portfolio.

We are committed to a long term & mutually beneficial relationship with you. This means providing fast and flexible financial advice required in today's dynamic business environment. With our proven track record in SME banking throughout Asia Pacific, you can entrust our Privilege Banking Centres to service you and manage all your business needs.


Whether you an individual, landlord, small or large corporation, SME Business Facility Solutions legally as the Debt Collector will work on your behalf within Malaysia legal system to collect your money and settle your outstanding money judgments. With our effective proven methods, we can guarantee 99% rates of success but depend on your evidence or documentation. Moreover, being in this field for over 12 years made us as a major player in debt collection services. Please contact us for your free debt consultation.